04 December 2010

'Never No Mo' Blues' JIMMIE RODGERS (1928) Blues Guitar Legend

Jimmie Rodgers was amazing. The lyrics on 'Never No Mo' Blues' are pretty intense, especially the ending. I don't understand why nobody listens to this stuff these days. Granted it's all 80+ years old, but his lyrics are easily as good if not better than modern music. I know I'll probably get crucified, but I would love to hear a Kanye West or Kid Rock remake of these songs. It won't be as good (of course!) but the music deserves to be shared with todays audience.

14 November 2010

Vettel the champ!

Looks like I was wrong in my previous post about the season. I said next year he's going to dominate. Nope, he dominated this year. He won the GP race at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, which propelled him to #1 in the points! See, I know what I'm talking about! I was just off by a year. BTW, he's the youngest champ ever. Nice job.

What a race. Fernando Alonso was all lined up to take the title, but a poorly timed pit stop kept him back in the pack far enough to not be a threat. Worse yet, Mark Webber fell to pieces this weekend. The title was his for the taking, all he had to do was qualify in 1st or 2nd, like he's done several times this year and his car is clearly capable. Instead, he had his worse weekend in a long time. Shame!

Now what do I do until March 13? Maybe I can convince my wife to let me fly to Jerez Spain to watch testing in February??

How about some Rammstein for the German Champ.

07 November 2010

Brazil GP Update

In my previous post, I linked to an article reporting where Mark Webber talks about Red Bull not supporting him. Oddly enough, Red Bull didn't put out any (illegal) team orders allowing Webber to pass Sebastian Vettel for the win. If Webber would have won, he'd almost surely have the 2010 championship locked up. Instead, they raced as though they were competing against each other. Novel idea, eh?

Brave move Mr. Christian.

04 November 2010

Public speaking


This article will be of no interest to you, and I'm OK with knowing that. Basically boiled down, Mark Webber is in a great position to be the world champ and Red Bull isn't telling driver #2 to do whatever it takes to help him.

The part that interests me is the way people speak. Mark Webber had a huge crash into the wall last week and allowed his car to coast across the track taking out another driver. Gerhard Berger (ex F1 driver from the 80's) is saying he coasted across the track intentionally trying to take out other drivers. Here's his response to that accusation

"I'd never put myself or anyone else in any more danger than I need to. I've lost control of the car and [Berger's saying] all of a sudden I've regained control of the car and try and take people out... I'm a genius, aren't I?"

The part that bugs me is when he sarcastically says "I'm a genius, aren't I?" Christ man, you're supposed to be this cool, smooth chap who doesn't lose his cool. I'm of the opinion that you should never let the world see that you're rattled. Webber should have said what happened, then allow everybody else to come to the conclusion that Berger is a jack ass. Most of us already have figured that out, and those that haven't or won't, who needs 'em?

As for the team not supporting him, thats their prerogative. It sucks for Webber, but publicly speaking out against them isn't going to change their minds.

28 October 2010

Korean GP update

I realized I hadn't given my impressions of last weekends Korean GP. Thankfully nobody called me on it. Briefly, it sucked. I was looking forward to the slippery conditions, and it looked like it was a bit too slippery. Fernando Alonso of Ferrari won and he deserved it.

On a more cheerful note, I bought the a new album that rocks. Its by a group out of Austin TX called The Black Angels, and the album is named "Directions To See A Ghost". It was released in 2008, but I never heard of 'em so it's new to me! It's one of those great albums where most of the songs are awesome, and the ones that aren't are still pretty damn good. They have a 60's sound to them, which I can dig. Check it out if you are so inclined. I buy everything from Amazon. They seem to be the least evil. They certainly aren't Steve Jobs/Apple evil.

The song that initially caught my ear:

People have been asking why all the old ass music, so hopefully this will convince them that I'm not possessed with the spirit of a 90 year old man. 

Sheesh, my life sucks. Watch movies, listen to old music, and work. Repeat over and over. Where did it all go wrong? I assume Tijuana.

24 October 2010

Louvin Brothers ~ Cash On The Barrel Head

Ahh yes, this is great. What a closeted redneck I am. My thinking is "Who doesn't tap their foot when hearing this?" Probably civilized society!