10 October 2010

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel absolutely dominated the Japanese Grand Prix today. His performance was incredible with no doubt from qualifying on that he'd be at the top of the podium. If you've read the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 sites, most people are cheering for Mark Webber. While I wouldn't mind seeing Webber take home the World Championship at the end of the year, I honestly feel Vettel is a superior driver. He's made several mistakes this year, which I chalk up to his youth, otherwise he'd likely be much closer to Webber in the points. This kid has some incredible natural talent. Mix that with the top notch Adrian Newey designed RBR chassis, and you have a world beater

Next year I think he's going to dominate. I say this even though I'm still a little bitter about Vettel smashing into Jenson Button at Spa!! ;)

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