20 October 2010

He needs attention

I saw the story of the American Muslim convert who was urging Muslims to attack the South Park creators. The story is HERE if you want to read it. When I read it and saw the photo of this kid, I wondered WTF he is thinking. I assume this kid grew up in America as a typical white American kid. Why would he choose to convert to being a Muslim? There's nothing at all wrong with being a Muslim, but he was trying to move to Somalia and join Al-Shabab. I'm quite certain he grew up laughing and enjoying South Park and generally living the good American life. Al-Shabaab has outlawed all music in Somalia because it's un-Muslim. How could any 20 year old American go for THAT?

It seems to me that he latched onto this whole Muslim identity to be different. Is that really the life he wants? From now on, he's "Muslim Guy" and has to live that identity. His friends are like "Hey Zack, why don't you take the night off from jihad and go to the pizza parlor with us?" Al-Shabaab is about as far from the American way of life as you can get and not physically be doing time on Rikers Island. That appeals to people brought up in war and poverty in Somalia, but how can this appeal to him? Check out that photo of him protesting in front of the White House. There must not be a male role model in his life because that guy would have said "Knock it off asshole!" years ago.

Let me make it clear: I have no problem with Islam. I do have a problem with some little jerk-off posing as a wanna be terrorist. Who is he to determine that the South Park creators need to be punished? He's a nothing trying to be something. I mean he pleaded guilty at the snap of a finger. The FBI guys probably had him crying. Didn't take long to break this e-thug. Man, what a prick.

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