14 October 2010

Parlez-vous français?

I've always been fascinated with other cultures. I probably should have been an anthropologist. It sure beats welding, thats for sure. Anyway, I was searching through Netflix looking for interesting things to watch and had the French film "Amélie" recommended. It guessed a 4 star rating for me, which is very high. I saw the movie was in French and subtitled, which normally would turn me off. I decided to watch it. What an nice movie! The story line was great (HERE if you are interested) with a lot of Euro humor mixed in. The cinematography was very pleasing. If you have Netflix, watch it. It's available on instant streaming.

This movie was so good that I looked into other French films. Turns out that the lead actress in Amélie is Audrie Tautou. English audiences recognize her as Sophie Neveu in "The DaVinci Code".  She's been a very prolific actress in France during the past decade. All of her films were highly recommended to me by Netflix, so I started watching them one by one. I liked every one I watched and would gladly watch again. Thats really saying something. Even her lower budget work is entertaining. It wasn't hard to watch while reading subtitles.

If anybody is interested, HERE is a link to all her work that Netflix carries. I recommend seeing all her movies. I feel like I've discovered something really good thats unknown to most Americans. These French made movies are very entertaining, and reading subtitles enhances the experience for me rather than detract from it like I had assumed it would. I'd be willing to bet that most Americans are unaware that anything is filmed in France!

Check her out, you'll be pleasantly surprised! (Disclaimer: I don't parlez anything but English)

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