12 October 2010

Nuclear power in the USA

I saw this story on Slashdot about not building nuclear power plants: NY TIMES ARTICLE . The reluctance to build nuke plants really disgusts me. All this money that was printed to bailout business in America, and they can't even cut Constellation Energy a deal on loans? Whats the absolute worse case scenario if they default? The US citizens own a power plant that will crank out (relatively) pollution free energy for years and years? Countries like France depend heavily on nuke plants to supply them with their energy needs. Consequently French citizens never worry about brown outs or how much coal is needed to keep a light on.

We can't keep burning fossil fuels like there is no consequence. We must embrace nuke power. The US Navy has had nuclear powered submarines since 1954 with no accidents. Sailors aren't dropping over dead even though they sleep yards from the reactor in an enclosed tube. The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz went 30 years on its original core/fuel! There are issues of waste disposal, but I think they can be dealt with in an intelligent manner that would cause no problems.

Bottom line; we can't ignore nuclear power because of disasters in foreign countries with inherently dangerous reactor designs.

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