14 October 2010

Netflix yankin my chain

I've been a Netflix member for a couple months, and at first the service was excellent. I was stunned by how fast they could turn around DVD's. I could drop a DVD in the mailbox on Monday, Netflix would email me at 6am on Tuesday that they'd received it, then I'd get the next DVD in my queue on Wednesday. I was really drinking the Kool-Aid. Netflix would send emails asking when I mailed the DVD and when I received the DVD.

Thats where my conspiracy theory comes in. I eagerly answered the "When did you send this?" emails because I wanted to be a good citizen helping keep the machine oiled. I now suspect that Netflix uses these emails to help them throttle my account. After about a month of these emails, I started noticing it was taking longer and longer for Netflix to receive my DVD's. A couple DVD's took longer than a week to arrive so I marked them as lost in the mail. Netflix quickly sends the next DVD in my queue, so thats not a problem. Typically the lost DVD magically shows up on the same day that the next DVD I watched shows up. Coincidence? I think I've reported three DVD's as "lost in the mail" and they've all found their way back to Netflix on the same day as the next DVD I sent back.

Netflix wants to make money, thats understandable. Why don't they just say "You can have ONE DVD a week mf-er and no more!" rather than doing this sneaky throttling bullshit?

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