20 October 2010

Korean Grand Prix

Formula 1 makes its inaugural visit to Korea this weekend. This is a race that almost didn't happen. The organizers are still working on finishing the new track, and as I write this the race is 3 days away! The important parts are done and have been for about a week(!) so we're in good shape. From the initial reports, the track surface is very slippery with hardly any abrasion. I'm not sure what the rest of the motorsports community thinks of the track condition, but I love it. F1 drivers are the elite of the elite. Only a handful of men are capable of being a competitive driver, and I think their job should be extraordinarily difficult. I don't want guys getting hurt, but this group is more than capable of putting on a good show.

Since it's a new track that none of them have driven, setups will be difficult to nail down. Race strategy will be just a guess. Hopefully this will be like a race in the rain. The cream will really rise to the top this weekend!

My guess for the winner will be Sebastian Vettel. He is the natural talent and is driving the best car in the world right now. I'm hoping for McLaren to make a better showing. The greasy track should put Jenson Button at the front of the pack. His performances in the rain have been excellent and he's known to be gentle on his equipment however, he's the current world champion so he's capable of winning. Mark Webber would make me happy if he won. Him being the champ wouldn't be bad, seems like a nice enough guy.

I guess in the end, I'd prefer either McLaren or Red Bull. Anybody but Ferrari. Ferrari doesn't have any style.

We'll see in a couple days.

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