11 October 2010

Watching the bubbles in my beer!

Anthology 1935-1973
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Sometimes I feel like this, but not usually for long!


Recorded by Bob Wills (Vocal by Tommy Duncan)
Words and music by T. Duncan, B. Walker and C. Mills

(Bob Wills: Aah! Ha!, Now, Yea! -- Watchin' The Bubbles In My Beer
Well, come in Tommy, give us the low down on it)

Tonight in a bar alone I'm sitting
Apart from the laughter and the cheers
While scenes from the past, rise before me
Just watchin' The Bubbles In My Beer.

A vision of someone who loved me
Brings a lone silent tear to my eye
Oh! I know that my life's been a failure
Just watchin' The Bubbles In My Beer.

I'm seeing a road that I've traveled
A road paved with hearthaches and tears
And I'm seeing the past, that I've wasted
While watchin' The Bubbles In My Beer

As I think of the heart that I've broken
And of the golden chances that have passed me by
And the dreams that I made, now are empty
As empty as The Bubbles In My Beer.


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